perfect! ​♡

JooEe can’t help touching each other…and I love this ^^

gorgeous Uee ​♡ ~ ‘BeautyBible’ episode 27

Kim Uee~ how can you be so~ cute? ^^♡


[140610] Uee going to recording 'Beauty Bible' 
[140629] Uee going to recording 'Hello Counselor' 
Uee  on Law of the Jungle in Indian Ocean Ep1.

Kim Uee you can never stop being so perfect..right? ♡


[140711] Uee’s facebook update with Kaeun ^-^

뷰바 촬영날 우리 깡이랑♡♡♡ 그리고 드디어 오늘 정글의법칙 첫 방송합니다!!! ^^ 앙~ 떨려~~~
♡♡참!! 열분!!!♡♡감사합니다^^♡♡♡

my dear and forever perfect OLD Caramel ^-^